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Financial companies from Switzerland or the other countries refrain from inquiring about Credit bureau in the case of a loan in 24 hours. Of course, there are certain conditions for the borrower: In Switzerland, on the one hand, there must be no debts, and permanent employment is absolutely necessary, which must exist for at least 6 months. The banks set various conditions here.

Uninteresting for the lenders of a “credit in 24 hours” are financial obligations in Germany, and therefore he is particularly interesting for many Germans who urgently need to have a certain amount of money that they themselves do not have in their bank account.

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Payday loans direct lenders can be applied online by making a loan application at https://bridgepayday.com/. It is checked quickly, accordingly quickly made a commitment and the payment is also possible quickly. As for the capital of this loan, it often comes from Switzerland. That is why such a loan is usually called Swiss credit. However, the lenders may also be from Austria or, in rare cases, from the rest of Europe.

Nevertheless, the theoretical possibility that the bank will not see their money again has to be paid dearly by the borrower. Of course, because of this risk, there is an excessive APR, possibly not immediately apparent commissions for middlemen, as well as higher borrowing costs. Often, additional agreements are necessary, as some donors require, for example, the conclusion of various insurance.

The fast processing, the subsequent fast approval and the subsequent, also fairly fast payout is the reason why the Swiss and Austrian banks generally offer their loans more expensive. For them, there is a real deal in the lending to German customers who specifically contact them to just bypass the Credit bureau.

Instant loans through direct banks?

The credit in 24 hours is now also offered not only by Swiss banks but also by many direct banks from Germany. But one should not surrender to the desire that one can dispose of the loan amount already after 24 hours, because direct banks have no cash holdings.

Therefore, the loan amount is usually transferred to the current account of the applicant. This alone takes one to three days to complete. If one considers that the credit application must first be accepted and the signature must be made under the credit agreements, this is in reality not an urgent or instant loan.

All in all, a week should be planned in this way. Of course, you can count on the direct banks relatively quickly with a decision, even the direct preliminary decision on the Internet is possible, based on the Credit bureau information, which takes only a few seconds electronically, but the right loan application is ordered and approved, go more than 24 hours in the country.

Loan seekers should, however, also let themselves take time to sleep once more about the decision. Only when the repayment of any loan amount to be requested can be guaranteed without loss of time should the search for a suitable loan be started.